Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dena Crain Darned Quilts!

I don't know how many of you know about Dena Crain and her classes at Quilt University, but we have now become the exclusive site for the Gradation Bundles for her classes!!!

Wow, what a feather in our cap! What a way to start the New Year!

Here's the quote from her website!

"Those of my readers who have taken my class Darned Quilts, either online at Quilt University or in actual classroom settings around the world, will be delighted to learn that WebFabrics Online Quilting Fabrics has added a page to their site to host a set of 24 hand-picked gradation fabric bundles, each one suitable for making your own beautiful Darned Quilts or other gorgeous quilts.

What a great time I’ve had putting these lovely fabric collections together! With names like Butterscotch Delight, Freshwater Shrimp and Silver Mint, these bundles present a dazzling array of colors and values displayed in some rather remarkable combinations as well as basic light to dark color sets.

Most of the fabrics I selected are not solid colors, but near solids with a few surprises. Each bundle is available in fat quarters, half yards and full yards. WebFabrics ships internationally and at very reasonable rates, too!

If you are thinking about taking Darned Quilts with me at Quilt University or elsewhere, you can select any of these bundles and know that you will be well prepared to get on with the business of having fun!

Check my current teaching schedule to see when Darned Quilts will next be offered at Quilt University and my international teaching schedule to see when and where you might meet me in an actual classroom.

See all of my gradation fabric bundles at WebFabrics, and be sure to tell them I sent you!

Happy shopping!
Dena Crain

PS: If you haven’t yet seen the Best Darned Quilts Exhibition, you ought to!"

I just spent about half an hour looking at the quilts she has on her website...you've just got to go look!

Here's a link to her website just in case YOU'd like to check out a 'Darned Quilt' class!!!


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