Friday, November 28, 2008

What does Fabric mean to you at this time of year?

If you are like are going crazy trying to complete holiday gifts for those near and dear to you. These last few weeks here at WebFabrics, I have been cutting a lot of fabric...and each time...I think....hmmm this would make a great purse for my sister, Chris...wonder which one to use as a lining and straps...
Or at home, having cut out pieces for a quilt, looking at all the 3/4 inch strips left over and thinking what a wonderful rope-covered basket. I can make for my cousin, Wendy, in her favorite colors from Provence.
All the table runners and tree skirts we make will be stories for our children and grandchildren...but what of the ones we have already?
We here at WebFabrics were wondering about all of you around the world. How do YOU use your fabrics for the holidays? What do they mean to you?
Ornaments? Do you have fabric ornaments you bring out every year...and remember a story with each one as you hang it on the tree? Is there a beloved quilt that your Aunt Sarah made you that you cuddle under during this wonderful holidays? Do you decorate with quilts? How about a Christmas tree skirt made by great-grandmother and passed to down to oldest daughters in the family? Do you have fabric that tells a holiday story to you? Share that story with us. Or share a photo that will tell the story.

Starting now and thru December 26th, send us your story. Post it as a comment to the BoltTalk Blog so everyone can read it or see your photos. We will award 2 (TWO) $50.00 Gift Certificates to WebFabrics for the two best!

Post your entries as a reader comment!! I can't wait to hear all the traditional stories from around the world!

As ever,


PS...Carly's birthday was a huge success!! You all came through to the tune of 1600 congratulatory emails. That is a phenomenal number! We have the best customers on the planet!!! Thank you all so very much for helping us celebrate Carly's birthday!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kaffe Fassett around the World...

Kaffe Fassett...great fabric...combinations and patterns that can be anything! You all love it! But this will really catch your fancy! One of our customers, Ineke sent this link to us. In Friesland, the northern most part of Holland, they have made a Kaffe Fassett quilt and hung it from a church tower!!!

It is actually made of 360 smaller quilts. Kaffe Fassett was present himself.

I know many of you don't understand Dutch, nor do I, but it seems the large quilt will be turned back into smaller quilts and given away to local charities... what a wonderful way to showcase quilting around the world!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kaffe Fasssett's Latest

The new Kaffe Fassett is here.
There was a flurry of unpacking the truck from Houston (just finished on Tuesday...PHEW!) and cutting my beloved Urban Couture (which is almost sold out on a few of the bolts!) which kept us on our tip-toes for days.

This week, every day was spent finishing the Kaffe Fasssett 1/2 yard complete collections... fat quarter complete collections (which already sold out and are being re-cut) and all the lovely Kaffe bundles that Carly puts together with her expert eye for colors and combinations...

I was amazed at the speed that the last Kaffe Collection was sold...but this one is even faster and I didn't believe it was possible to beat the old record.

This one is going, going....well YOU know the rest of THAT line!

As ever,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Urban Couture has arrived!

It's here!!! It's here!!! and it has been very well worth the wait...
Urban Couture by Basic Grey for MODA is in the wonderful co-workers cleared all the other new fabrics that had arrived and let me have a day full of cutting. It was a wonderful day of cutting for the shop and the website and a lovely little pile for ME!!! I had downloaded the pattern from Moda's website and now I'm raring to go...

The new Kaffe Fassett line arrived as well, so the tables are full of piles of cut fabric and rolled bundles.

All this furious cutting and there's STILL Carly's truck to unload from Houston. We are busy bees this week!

Now for another introduction...Here is Jane. she is definitely not a Plain Jane! I have the pleasure of working one day a week with her and always look forward to it. If you order on Monday or Tuesday, chances are Jane has cut your order perfectly!