Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Fabric Contest recipients...

We had some lovely stories come in to Bolt Talk this past Holiday Season...all varied and so interesting and giving us an insight into the Holidays around the World.

It took awhile...and some re-reading and with difficulty, we chose Kathy O'Sullivan and Material Girl (Deb W) as the recipients of the WebFabrics Gift Cards.

Congratulations, Ladies...and to all who took the time to share with us, we really appreciated your stories and your participation in Bolt Talk and getting to know our customers around the World!

A Safe, Peaceful and Healthy New Year to you All!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happiest of Holidays to you all!!!

Here we are on December 24th...Christmas Eve..Things are quiet now at WebFabrics. It was a crazy last 2 weeks! We had a wonderful last week or so...playing Elves to husbands and children coming in to buy Mom just what she wanted!
This is all a lead in to wish all of you...our very special customers a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Holiday time and more for the New Year!
Happy Quilting from your good friends at WebFabrics...Carly, Cathy, Nancy, Jane, Claudia, Stevii, Patty and me, Kerry...
A very Merry Christmas to one and to all!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Christmas story...

Kathy O'Sullivan shares this lovely story of a Christmas many years ago...

Back when AOL had a quilting chat room . . . I was home during the week with my kids, working weekends, and I had much more time to quilt and correspond on the internet. I loved participating in block swaps on-line. Total strangers from all over the country and sometimes the world would participate in the swaps. It was a great way to meet fellow quilters. In fact, I met my very best friend in the world through a block swap. Sometimes the blocks were disappointments, but always there were outstanding blocks that more than made up for those.

One year I participated in a Christmas block swap. Most of the ladies were from a guild in Phoenix but a few of us were "on line." I finished my blocks and mailed them well before the due date. But it came time for the swap, and my blocks had not arrived at their destination. I called my post office. I called the Phoenix post office. The blocks were nowhere to be found. I spoke with the hostess. She could not delay the swap any longer. I was disappointed, but I understood that the others were anxious for the swap.

The swap went on without my blocks. The hostess told the story of the lost blocks at the guild meeting. The quilters, wonderful people that they are, offered blocks. They said "I have an extra of the ones that I made" or "I will donate one that I've received" or "I will go home and make another one for her."

A few weeks later, 16 blocks arrived in my mailbox. On the same day, the lost package of blocks showed up in Phoenix. At the next guild meeting, all of the generous people who donated a block received one from me.

The quilt that I made from that swap hangs in the entryway of our home every Christmas, where it reminds me of the good things that people do, even for strangers on the internet.

Kathy O'Sullivan

Columbus, Ohio

Thank you, Kathy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last weekend...

Here we are...the last weekend before Christmas...all those emergency late night bindings...the table-toppers...fabric birds for the trees...pocket bags...pillow cases...

OH my, Are you going as crazy as I am??? What are you last minute finishing... I know I will be spending most of Sunday watching sports with the family while I finish the binding on a twin size quilt...and 2 more pocket books to make...
and I.O.U for a quilt, that I never got to. Thank goodness it is an accepting recipient! And it will be on it's way the week after...thank goodness for good friends who know that your presents are worth waiting for!

How are you all coping? Have you done everything?? Or are you, like me, scrambling with a needle in one hand and a watch in the other!

How are those Christmas Fabric stories coming? We've heard some lovely things from around the hemispheres...But we want to hear more! Remember Carly is offering Gift certificates for the best stories...and Gift Certificates mean FABRIC!!
Let's hear some more stories! Write to us... if you can't post on the blog itself, write to us at ...and we'll post your story for others to read and enjoy!

Back to my binding!!

Peace my friends,


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Contest postings...

I don't know how many of you have read Pam's great post. But what a concept...picnicking for Christmas...just another reminder of how we all celebrate the holiday differently!

I'm not sure how many of you are having difficulty figuring out how to post your stories...our blog is hosted by Google's blogger, if you sign in as a member with Google, you can use that account to post your entry in our Christmas Fabric Contest! There are a few other services that you may belong to that allow you to use your name and password to post (they are listed once you try to post your comments...a bit backwards...but when this internet works it's marvelous!!)

We would love to hear from you now and later...whether with comments or questions or just anything! We want Bolt Talk to become a real world-wide conversation. So consider joining our conversation with a Google identity/password. We still have our Christmas story contest going join us and post your story for all to share!

As ever,