Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Readers.....

Hi Debbie and Gislaine,

Thank you for your comments. Yes, the houses are inspired by Yoko Saito’s book Houses, Houses, Houses. I bought the book years ago in Holland in the French version, long before Yoko Saito was known in the USA. Every time I see a Lecien sales person, I’m asking for translations of her book and patterns into English. So far it hasn’t happened!

The book is in America available in Japanese or French…but the pictures are pretty clear and it really isn’t that hard.

An online class in houses? O my God, no way! Do you know how long it takes me to do a few blocks? About 3 weeks at least per block, at least. I have limited time (and energy) and it’s done by hand. But doesn’t every quilter run short in time? It’s part of the hobby! Thank goodness I don’t have to do it fast and if I never finish it, no one will say anything…..


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