Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last weekend...

Here we are...the last weekend before Christmas...all those emergency late night bindings...the table-toppers...fabric birds for the trees...pocket bags...pillow cases...

OH my, Are you going as crazy as I am??? What are you last minute finishing... I know I will be spending most of Sunday watching sports with the family while I finish the binding on a twin size quilt...and 2 more pocket books to make...
and I.O.U for a quilt, that I never got to. Thank goodness it is an accepting recipient! And it will be on it's way the week after...thank goodness for good friends who know that your presents are worth waiting for!

How are you all coping? Have you done everything?? Or are you, like me, scrambling with a needle in one hand and a watch in the other!

How are those Christmas Fabric stories coming? We've heard some lovely things from around the hemispheres...But we want to hear more! Remember Carly is offering Gift certificates for the best stories...and Gift Certificates mean FABRIC!!
Let's hear some more stories! Write to us... if you can't post on the blog itself, write to us at ...and we'll post your story for others to read and enjoy!

Back to my binding!!

Peace my friends,


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