Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Fabric Contest recipients...

We had some lovely stories come in to Bolt Talk this past Holiday Season...all varied and so interesting and giving us an insight into the Holidays around the World.

It took awhile...and some re-reading and with difficulty, we chose Kathy O'Sullivan and Material Girl (Deb W) as the recipients of the WebFabrics Gift Cards.

Congratulations, Ladies...and to all who took the time to share with us, we really appreciated your stories and your participation in Bolt Talk and getting to know our customers around the World!

A Safe, Peaceful and Healthy New Year to you All!


1 comment:

Material Girl said...

Kerry and Carly, Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I am so excited that you chose me as one of your winners! I will be in on Wednesday or Friday to thank you in person! Yay!!!! Debbie aka Material Girl