Friday, November 28, 2008

What does Fabric mean to you at this time of year?

If you are like are going crazy trying to complete holiday gifts for those near and dear to you. These last few weeks here at WebFabrics, I have been cutting a lot of fabric...and each time...I think....hmmm this would make a great purse for my sister, Chris...wonder which one to use as a lining and straps...
Or at home, having cut out pieces for a quilt, looking at all the 3/4 inch strips left over and thinking what a wonderful rope-covered basket. I can make for my cousin, Wendy, in her favorite colors from Provence.
All the table runners and tree skirts we make will be stories for our children and grandchildren...but what of the ones we have already?
We here at WebFabrics were wondering about all of you around the world. How do YOU use your fabrics for the holidays? What do they mean to you?
Ornaments? Do you have fabric ornaments you bring out every year...and remember a story with each one as you hang it on the tree? Is there a beloved quilt that your Aunt Sarah made you that you cuddle under during this wonderful holidays? Do you decorate with quilts? How about a Christmas tree skirt made by great-grandmother and passed to down to oldest daughters in the family? Do you have fabric that tells a holiday story to you? Share that story with us. Or share a photo that will tell the story.

Starting now and thru December 26th, send us your story. Post it as a comment to the BoltTalk Blog so everyone can read it or see your photos. We will award 2 (TWO) $50.00 Gift Certificates to WebFabrics for the two best!

Post your entries as a reader comment!! I can't wait to hear all the traditional stories from around the world!

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PS...Carly's birthday was a huge success!! You all came through to the tune of 1600 congratulatory emails. That is a phenomenal number! We have the best customers on the planet!!! Thank you all so very much for helping us celebrate Carly's birthday!



PamelaJ said...

I love Christmas, here in Australia, it is usually hot.! We go to the Beach so I take a quilted Christmas table cloth and a small tree, I am also making some fabric napkins, and bought some fairy lights to put around the awning on the caravan. I usually make a few Christmas wall hangings for gifts each year too.!!

Bolt Talk said...

We in the Northern hemisphere forget about you who celebrate Christmas at the height of Summer!

What a fun idea to have a Christmas picnic at the Beach, although as a girl who has always had snow...I cannot imagine Santa in swim trunks!!

Thank you so much for sharing!


RustyBird said...

This year, fabric is playing a big part as I make reuseable grocery/shopping bags. So far, I've made two from Laurel Burch's Bountiful Blessing fabric, one from a beautiful batik with rich shades of green, and a couple others. I'm using the ReUse-a-Bag pattern from Studio Kat Designs. I think they are going to be a big hit!

Bolt Talk said...


I had a similar idea, but I only made the re-usable shopping bags for me...I used the fruits and vegetables fabrics! But you've given me a wonderful idea for some great last minute gifts. Thank you!


PS.. Don't you just LOVE Laurel Burch? Whenever her fabrics come into the WebFabrics, my best buddies here leave them for me to cut.

Sequana said...

I have a 53yo guy friend; I listen all year for things he mentions and try to find fabrics to match.

A couple years ago, I found Sponge Bob fabric to make him a placemat, and this year he's getting a Lucky Charms one to match. *L* I always tell him he's right up there with the things I make for my grandkids.

Bolt Talk said...

LOL, Sequana...I know a Sponge Bob guy too!! Sometimes only a novelty fabric will do!!! I need to find some Scooby-Doo for a few on MY list!

Place-mats...another great idea for a quick and *fairly* easy last minute idea! And we are definitely getting in to last-minute time frames now!

Back to sewing a binding!


Guusje said...

We celebrate christmas every year different. This year we will eat at my mothers house with the rest of my family. And I will make various gifts for some people who had a difficult year, for one girlfriend I will make a bag so she will hae all here quiltstuff nearby, for another I will make a little wallhanging to chear christmas up.
And I will make chritmass hangings for my others friends from christmas fabrics to put in the tree .
And we (my mother and me) also made in september 120 christmascards for the sick and olderly people of our church.

Jane said...

It is nice to read about Northern Hemisphere Christmases where in most cases you at least can guarantee cold if not snow.
One of our interesting conjectures, starting around now, it the long range forecast for Christmas day. Will it be hot? Will it be pouring rain as thankfully it was over yesterday and last night when our drought stricken state had the best rain in 3 years. That was up to last nights news, it may be better than that now.
So one of my main concerns, as I like to have a traditional meal, is whether it will be hot or cooler. I love the sunny but cool days when the roast meal is still welcome. Some have it at night, some at midday. I am not cooking this year for Christmas Day but the people I am spending it with have the small family group at lunch and all the other members for a main meal in the evening.
My sit and sew group has decided to meet here again this year. Last year I glazed a ham for them, something that not all had experienced before, and so they are coming back for me. We have fresh rolls, the ham and someone is bringing a chicken of "the chook" as it is commonly called here. Another is bringing a salad plate,another a fruit platter. We have the shortbread expert baking her shortbread and the ex home economics teacher is making the pudding and brandy sauce. One member has been very unwell, so she is bringing a platter of cheeses. We can make our own rolls with our own fillings and pick happily away at the table as we make it a leisurely afternoon.
Magazines may be read and someone is bound to have some shopping.
I am working on a bag with a base of Onyx fairy frost purchased from my favorite USA shop, beautifully labelled which I so appreciate and I have teamed it with a gold/green/black/yellow tones batik. I love being able to buy my collections of Fossil Ferns, Fairy Frost and Fushions so beautifuly cut and labelled by Web Fabrics. My 2 crates of Fairy Frost, large crates, attests to my urge to collect.
So right now we have a little sun, the blessing of more rain to follow and even though it will not be Christmas Day,Thursday is forecast to be an acceptable day to cook something hot in the oven.
Without your attics and cellars, I have had my Christmas tree and other decorations brought in from the shed and now await that urge to get them up and looking good before Thursday. To say nothing of the small gift bags that Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl bags has freely made available on her blog.
I have a list of 7 to make for birthday presents but will try and make a couple of small ones for Christmas gifts. I have adapted them a little with lining and quilting so have just ironed some Christmas fabric.
Christmas Day itself has had some sad memories for me, but He who is the reason for the season has never left me alone and beyond the tinsel, toys and treasures He is always the one to celebrate and worship.

Quibi said...

Normally I'm also very busy completing so many cute little gifts for my dear ones. But this year everything is different: on 24th November I fell with my bike and hit my head very hard on the ground. Result: I have a concussion. I had to rest most of the time. Last few days I can manage a few minutes behind my laptop to get in contact with the quiltersworld. I had to cancel a workshop for last Wednesday and anotherone for today, because I'm not allowed to drive and I can't focus for a long time on stretch.
So this year there will be no new Chritmasquilt and no cute little selfmade quiltgifts for my dear ones...

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Love, Yvonne

Bolt Talk said...

Wow, Guusje, 120 Christmas Cards. I astounded! Isn't it nice that with fabric we can make special gifts for our friends using their favorite colors and designed for their special needs?

Jane, I have to agree, I am alternately fascinated by Southern Hemisphere Christmases! And to spend the day with your Sewing Group is cozy and warm even if it does rain! That Onyx Fairy Frost is such a rich color and I see by your collections...that you should definitely look at "Freckles"...they are very similar to the Fusions. I just spent 2 days cutting them and the blues and yellows are lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas Day and I hope you keep using your umbrella! awful for you. I once had a concussion and I can understand your difficulties...soon there will be plenty of time and think of the jump you will get on your Christmas sewing for next year!

I still have items lined up by my sewing machines...and with the days counting down, I am re-thinking how elaborate I want to be ;)

Thank you all for sharing your stories. And I hope I cut some fabric for you today!



Material Girl said...

Your question has made me think about how often fabric has played a part in my Christmas celebrations. For starters, I think I have three favorite quilts that come out each holiday season. One is a flannel Yellow Brick Road that I made in reds, greens, and golds. Sometimes I hang it and othertimes is just sits on the couch to cover up with while watching tv. Another quilt made by me is a snowman wallhanging that is made from wools and cottons. It has two appliqued wool blocks and two pieced stars. It is probably one of my most loved quilts and I am proud to show it off! It hangs on my porch this year. The third quilt is an antique appliqued flower basket that hangs on my living room wall. It is a beauty!

Besides quilt decor, fabric has played an important part of gift giving for me. One year I made flannel pajama bottoms for everyone in my family, kids to adults. I bought the fabric on sale in January for the next Christmas gift giving. I have made tablerunners, tea cozies, and quilts as gifts too. This year I am making a "football" quilt for a special nearly two year old who loves football. I hope he loves it as much I enjoyed making it!

Lastly, fabric projects can be found all over my house in my Santa collection. One of my favorite Santas is one from a craft show. He is made from red flannel and has a big pot belly. He is sitting on my guest room bed to give the room a little Christmas.

Thanks for asking this question! I had fun thinking about all the ways fabric plays a part of my Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone. I will try to post pictures of my quilts and Santa on my blog soon.

Debbie W.

Green Fairy Quilts said...

Fabric plays a huge role during Christmas for me. Last year it was the quilted bags and this year a special quilt that I made for my mom and dad. I have found the joy in making memory quilts and this year I wanted it to be extra special. My parents gave me so much and sacrificed a lot throughout the years, they raised ten kids and sent one to heaven, so a memory quilt would be the best gift. Picking out the perfect fabric is so fun, but can be a challenge when the quilt is a total surprise. I am happy with the outcome and glad to say that it is finally finished.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about fabric and the holidays, it really pushed me to get the quilt done for my parents.