Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kaffe Fasssett's Latest

The new Kaffe Fassett is here.
There was a flurry of unpacking the truck from Houston (just finished on Tuesday...PHEW!) and cutting my beloved Urban Couture (which is almost sold out on a few of the bolts!) which kept us on our tip-toes for days.

This week, every day was spent finishing the Kaffe Fasssett 1/2 yard complete collections... fat quarter complete collections (which already sold out and are being re-cut) and all the lovely Kaffe bundles that Carly puts together with her expert eye for colors and combinations...

I was amazed at the speed that the last Kaffe Collection was sold...but this one is even faster and I didn't believe it was possible to beat the old record.

This one is going, going....well YOU know the rest of THAT line!

As ever,

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