Monday, October 27, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

I'm not sure how many people know that we participate in October's Breast Cancer Awareness month..I know you, like I know someone personally who has had breast cancer.Whether you make a quilt in dedication to or celebration of them, we have a lovely kit available here at WebFabrics.

Last year Carly and the Team made patterns on white fabric and customers who came to the shop took them and made hundreds of Bra Squares...enough that 7 completed quilts were donated to area oncologists and Breast Cancer Clinics. And one more to go in a few weeks.

This past week , we received a lovely, lovely note from Marsha Fell in Hilton Head. She made, finished, quilted and presented a Bra Quilt to Dr Virginia Herrmann at the Breast Health Care Center at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.. She explained the project to the Dr. who was thrilled and hung the quilt immediately.

Marsha hopes, as do we at WebFabrics, that you take up this cause and make a quilt for someone who could use a laugh and a hug at a very desperate time.

Marsha sent us a photo which I'm posting here... Thank you so much, Marsha for sharing!

We also received a quick note from Crazy Judy in Tennessee...back from Alabama to find her Amber Fairy Frosts waiting for her...Good news, Judy.. I heard from Carly late last night 50...yes FIFTY new colors in Fairy Frosts...hehehe

Besides the 50 new colors of Fairy Frost...the new line of Kaffe Fassett...and this is only basically Day 1....I can't wait to see what else Carly finds for us all!!!

Enjoy your weather, whereever you are! We'll be here keeping a light on...go ahead...Shop in your bunny slippers at 1 am...I'll never tell!!!!

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