Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to Bolt Talk!

Welcome to Bolt Talk!

Hello Quilters!!! And welcome to a new feature on our beautiful, shiny new website! I hope to make this a fun blog to check in on...letting you all see behind the scenes a bit. I will hopefully introduce you to some of my terrific co-workers...YOUR fabric angels!

Here at WebFabrics, we are cutting like crazy so that Cathy (that's Cathy on the right) can ship it all out 'asap' to our wonderful customers. For our in-store customers, it's even more fun, they get to see it all close-up.

Last week, we received 32 bolts of The Wild Side from Robert Kaufman. I have been waiting desperately for this fabric since Carly ordered it...I absolutely adore animal prints! Luckily for me, *I* was working the day it arrived. When I opened the cartons, I sighed audibly. It is absolutely gorgeous fabric! For every cut I made for bundles for the shop, I made one for my own lovely little stack. I could swear I heard the leopard fabric purring! I did have to endure the jabs of co-workers...they know me too I can't believe one bolt has sold out there really someone crazier about animal prints than I am????

For those living within driving distance, we have our Saturday demonstrations at 11AM and 2 PM. This past weekend , Stevii, our demo guru, showed us how to make pillows for family and friends who are in recovery after breast cancer surgery. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, we've again put together our *Bra Quilt* kits and they are selling like hotcakes.

Our in-store free demos also include our newest Block of the Month kits and an Applique class beginning this month. I started coming regularly to the shop for the free Saturday demos over a year ago, now I work really was an opportunity I couldn't walk away from. I have learned so many
fun things to do with fabric - I don't know how Carly and Stevii come up with all these neat

I never knew, when my cousin wrote to me over 2 years ago about the quilt shop in my little home town of Purcellville, that I would be working here with the most wonderful gals in the world (and I hope to introduce them all to you).

So here I am, Kerry... novice quilter and fabri-holic, hoping I"ll be cutting for you this week.
I can promise you, that no matter who cuts your order... every fat quarter or half yard you buy is cut with care and packed with laughter and love by the team at WebFabrics!


Abbie Simpelo-Dyer said...

Oh how awesome! I'm a regular at webfabrics since I discovered it oh well....about 4 or 5 months ago? I may not buy something the 1-2x's a week I'm there, but I definitely love the staff there & of course the fantastic fabric!! I just love looking at them, and even better is when I get to take some home and make fantastic things from it.
Carly is the best & she really goes out of her way to make you very welcome in the shop & always makes it a point to say hello--with all the customers that pass through her shop it's amazing how she remembers my name :)
Keep up the great work! You guys are my number one quilt shop!

Jane said...

It sure is cut with care and love and efficiency.
Belonging to the 100 yds club and living in Australia it has been a fabulous site for me...especially when being a fossil fern addict. I just cannot bring myself to start the 3rd huge crate.
Had a wonderful white in the muslin mates go girls go.

Jane said...

Hmmm, you girls know Moggie and I by a differnt name
Tend to use this one in my blog.

Margeeth said...

Good luck with the new blog and shop-site, it looks great.
I am a shopper from the Netherlands and one of the great perks of shopping at webfabrics is that you can actually communicate with Carly in Dutch, if so needed.