Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You like us, you really like us!!!

Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful response our new website has generated. We all think it's gorgeous,too!

What I really love is the "By Color" option. It makes finding the perfect fabrics SO easy. ( I use it at home and then look for the fabrics on the days I work.)

PHEW! We are actually finished cutting a van-full of fabric for the Houston Show. Carly will head off on Wednesday. It will seem quieter without the hustle and bustle of making yard cuts and fat quarter bundles for Houston.

Hopefully, Moda's Urban Couture will come in and we can play with it and not have to rush. If you haven't seen this luxurious fabric or the quilt made from it (we have one of Moda's own quilts in the shop for another week), go to Urban Couture
http://www.unitednotions.com/un_main.nsf/free_patterns .

I know, I know, I sound fickle. I was in love with Wild Side and I still am! I did have a brief encounter with Shell Grotto last Friday (it is so sweet and feels so silky).
BUT I think it will be very hard for ANYone not to fall in love with Urban Couture - it has something for everyone.I have to stop in the shop today to see if it came in...just a quick glimpse!

We love your comments.Yesterday as we read through them...we smiled. It is so much fun touching people around the world through fabric. We are so excited that you like our blog. No pressure there! Hehehe. We have an email address you can write to:


Send us your ideas, your comments, your questions, photos of your work...I've a quilt I finished for my cousin's daughter that I'll post later this week.
We can't wait to hear from you!

As ever,


If you are lucky enough to get to Houston, stop by Booths 1924-26-28 and say hello to Carly...
oh and she sells fabric too!!

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