Sunday, October 12, 2008

Very long distance thank you...

I have to share this. It is just too neat a moment to not tell you about.

On Thursday morning, I got in to work a few minutes straighten the cutting tables and help organize the orders. Carly was busy giving the shop a once over with the vacuum and as usual, if we are there, the shop is open.
In walked two lovely young ladies, who asked for Carly. I gestured to her and they stammered in translated English. "Thank you." It seems that Katja from Bremen in Germany had had a problem with her order and Carly and Cathy had solved her problems (with their usual skill) and Katja in visiting the United States had made sure to visit the shop and thank Carly personally with absolutely yummy chocolate bars!!! (We can be bought with good chocolate! hehehe)

It is so neat to not only hear from customers...but to meet them is wonderful. Putting faces to names just makes the connection better.

So...feel free to write to me...ask questions...I'll find you an answer...tell me what you me what you made... and I'll show everyone else...

As ever,


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Carly said...

Great first Bolt Talk, Kerry!

Love, Carly